Why// do vampire's really exist? If not how were the storys made?

Ok. So you might want to call me a freeeaak, but I’m really interested in the supernatural e.g vampire’s, werewolfs…

And I know there are human beings out there who drink blood. But not real vampires and I was wondering if they exist like the one’s in twilight and vampire diaries.

If you think about it. Where did all these story’s come from. Surely theres real vampires out there. Is there?

Answer #1

The undead creatures that turn into bats and drink blood? NO they do not exist.

There is several theories about vampires. Some say Cain was the original Vampire (As in the Cain who killed Able in the Bible) After killing his brother Cain was banished and wondered until he found Lilith. Lilith showed him the power of blood which can be considered the tree of life. From teh union between Cain and LIllith came forth a host of demons and vampires.

Another theory claims that it was Judas Iscariot (the Judas that betrayed Jesus) It is believe due to his betrayal he was cursed. The bible states Judas commited Suicide because of his guilt. In Vampire folklore it claims those that commit suicide came back as vampires. Judas is said to have Red hair and Greeks once thought all that had red hair were vampires. Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of Silver and this is supposdily the reason Vampires can’t stand Silver.

Now there are people who calim to be “Vampires” but they are not undead, they do not live forever they only thing that do is ritually drink blood.

Answer #2

Where did they come about? Good question, the story of Cain and Abel (aka: Adam and Eves two sons) is likely possibility. You see Cain killed Abel out of jealousy and rage. With doing that the lord gave him a mark and any man that sees that mark will know to kill him.

Now Cain wondered about until he found Lilith (also known as Adam's supposed to be first wife). Lilith showed Cain blood which is believed to be the tree of life, (this is also why Jews drain out all the blood of the food they're about to eat). Thanks to this Lilith and Cain unified thus creating hoards of Demons and vampires in various myths across the globe. 

Another interpretation for the reason that vampires came about is Judas Iscariot. He betrayed Jesus Christ and in doing that decided to kill himself (He did this out of guilt since his family was punished). Vampire folklore states that anyone that commits suicide comes back as a vampire, he came back with red hair which is signified as a trait of vampires, also the Greeks happened to believe that anyone with red hair is a vampire. Also, the likely reason why Vampires hate silver is also thanks to Judas, he betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. He tried to the return them but wasn’t able to and threw them away in disgust.

Hope that helps :)

Answer #3

There are people in Africa who drink blood, fresh from slaughtered animals. Supposedly its good for them, as for me I wouldnt dare! lol

Answer #4

im not sure where these come from too. But, in my country, we have these folklores about creatures of the night (vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, witches, some other creatures that dont have english translation). If you’re interested, you may google ASWANG in filipino folklore and there are a lot of creatures in there. I think people in the olden times may have used this as excuse for people who get murdered when they dont know who did it. Or like, to scare people to not do things that were considered bad: like the tiyanak (unborn fetus who became like a monster), with the tiyanak folklore, mothers will get scared and not abort their baby.

Answer #5

Nevermind awesome11, he’s just spamming. As for you question. Do dragons exist? No. Do zombies exist? Nuh uh… The human imagination created the concept and some people believe it’s real. Vampires are just imaginary like whitches and fairies. I would like dragons to exist (if they could be tamed of course) but until science passes what level it’s on today I’m afraid we’re stuck with reality. However, if your really interested in this kinda thing you might want to become a science fiction writer or a fantasy writer or something in that nature.

Answer #6

I Wish the stories of myth and legend were true. lower the worlds population levels.. I’d probably have to keep a Lycan werewolf as a pet… But No they are called Stories for a reason

Answer #7

no they don’t exist but I think they get their stories from a long time ago there was this man in Transylvania who lived in a castle and killed people and put their heads on pikes and he drank their blood. look it up, I’m almost positive that was the inspiration for Dracula.

Answer #8

There was a medical mysteries thing on ABC about those people that drink blood (made me sick) so maybe you can look into that.

Answer #9

This might help explain the origin of Vampire stories.


This one is for Werewolf’s.


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