Do vampires really exist?

Do vampires really exist? If they do,which specific place could they be possibly found?

vinz here :-)

Answer #1

People who suffer from Porphyria exist - that’s the illness that causes people to display ‘vampiric’ conditions (pale skin, sensitivity to sunlight, etc.)

There are also those ‘self-proclaimed’ vampires…you know the ones who insist that they are actually a real vampire (although none can prove it - there’s always an excuse).

However, the vampires you read about or see in the movies do not exist. They are pure fantasy.

Answer #2

vampires are fake. sorry dude

Answer #3

no they do no exist. and vampires is not a mystery that needs to be explained because vampires is no mystery – its a fictional concept. just like…(and I’m sorry for exposing the truth)…werewolves and the creature from the black lagoon. I’m sorry, I had let you know.. THEY ARE ALL NOT REAL.

Answer #4


Answer #5

well hell yeah im a vampire blehhh !!! haaha =]

Answer #6

I dont think so but it would br cool to be proved wrong if they tried to live with humans like true blood

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