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What really exists today and what is definitely fake?

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I know this is pretty stupid but I'm just curious what's real and what's not. Like pirates and Vikings for example I know they are real for example Somali pirates. But I hear witches did exist at one point in Salem,MA. But like Greek mythology,zombies,king kong-could ve related to yeti,skull island-whats actually on that island if it does exist? Medieval Times,Lord of the rings type of stuff like hobbits,orcs,dwarfs and elves,and Dragon's like Smaug from the hobbit. Seriously I'm not being stupid but I have heard medieval times are real like the king Arthur stuff and Camelot. Ghosts,Leprahcauns,Bigfoot/Yeti,Loch ness monster,vampires,werewolves,Frankenstein,robots that could take over the world one day like the terminator or transformers something from outer space might come to earth like that? obviously I do think those things are definitely fake but vampires idk I heard their are cannibals in real life but idk about vampires as well, chupcabra-ever heard of that? Transylvania however is a real place that does exist somewhere in Europe. I already know extra terrestrials are real everyone should know that. Neanderthals/cavemen were real they might of existed in 10,000 BC age with the wolly mammoths,and saber toothed tigers. So all of the stuff I just mentioned tell me what you guys definitely don't believe in and what you do believe in. people with superhuman powers I hear actually do exist but not like mutants or anything but if you know what I mean. Giant snakes,giant crocodiles.sharks or whales that get bigger than their normal size?