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Dragons Who Were They And Did They Really Exist?

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Now I really want you to give this some serious thought.

If you look all around the world in different legends, myths, cave drawings and religious texts you'll find dragons.

Now just think for a moment. If dragons actually lived on this planet at one time then what creature do we currently know of that resembles them?

I'll give you a few minutes or how ever long you want to take to think about that question. Give it some serious thought, because I'll disregard any answer that doesn't.

Okay so here's my answer on this question. There is something in this world that does resemble a dragon.

So what is it?

Dragons = dinosaurs

I'll bet you anything that dragon is just another word for dinosaur and it's the word that people in our ancient past used to describe them. Remember you live in a different time period and language and words change meaning.

Think about it and give me your answer.