Vampires exist or just a story?

Anyone here I mean anyone around the world I mean really really knows that vampire do exist, just like in the interview with the vampire were they can fly move fast as if you cant see. “we’ll I know there are what we called people who drink blood real blood, but what I mean a real vampire with having the same power as of the movie? Legend says vampire originates in paris… Vampire true or not?

Answer #1

I just want to clear things out thats all ;-) and bdw Roman Catholic here I believe in God the Father all mighty creator of heaven and earth… <- for xur thats what I believe ;-)

Answer #2

I dont believe in them personally but if you believe thats ok. Its like god some people believe in him but some dont, I believe in him but you might not, or you maby you might. Im justtring to say its what you think if vampires exist or not.

Answer #3

the only vampires I know about are bats. They do eat blood.

Answer #4

Hell naw. they fake

Answer #5

lmao not true.

Answer #6

Real vampires do not exist. As in the one’s that live forever, never die, etc. Although there are people to devote their lives to living like vampires, do not come out in the son, bathe in blood, etc. Look up Elizabeth Bathory - she used to kill young virgin women to bathe in the blood to keep her beauty and youth. She is considered to be a vampire.

Answer #7

A lot of that stuff is shit. Vampire do exist. They do not have supernatural powers!!! People are so stupid!!! They need blood. When we have blood our brain reacts faster which makes us think, run, and react better. We do not have VANGS. The sun makes our eye hurt and give us migraines. Why do people believe ever little piece of crap that they see??? We don’t drain all the blood. Forget about “turning” because it isn’t going to happen! We are normal everyday alive people! We only need a small amount of blood. We are human with harder lives! Get off our back!

Answer #8 Check this Website out, I don’t know if they do or don’t but I wish they do, and I really want to meet one.

Answer #9

yes vampires are real. Yes they do have “superpowers” like in movies but Hollywood has gone over board with the legends and myths. No issues with sunlight minus the fact that the sun weakens there powers. No issues with garlic besides that of gives you wicked bad breath. No problem with crosses (many vampires are christan) the “superpowers” have been blown out of proportion as well. They do run fast. They do jump far. Hands can turn into claws. Fangs rnt always out they are only out when feeding or forced to b out. They have amazing night vision. Am iceedable since of smell. They Dont sparkle in sun ( 4 the twilight mega fans) do not fly or turn into bats. Do not sleep in coffins, but they do sleep. Vampires did not start in Paris. They started in a tribe of witches in malaysia( sp??) maya was a witch who wanted to live forever so she read the forbiden books to find a way. She had to drink the blood of 4 infants, causing her to have to drink the blood of a mortal once every 24 hours. Then next night she created the first made vampire theroy by drinking some of his blood then forcing him to drink hers. There are 2 differnt types of vampires. Made vampires which are mortals made into vampires then there are lamia. Those born in to vampires. Made vampires never age and can not have kids. Lamia age but can stop when ever they want to and continue if wanted. They can also have kids. If you need more info or have other questions just ask.

Answer #10

I am fascinated with vampires as well. I love the old ann rice novels and reading the twilight series. While there are people that drink blood and even sleep in coffins, they don’t have to do this to survive. They are more or less emulating to vampire culture. As far as vampires with extra human speed and strength, flying, turning into animals, and that kinda thing is only in stories.

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