Why do papercuts hurt so much?

When I was digging through my schoolbag this morning I got a papercut and it HURT! It hurt more then any cut/scrape/scratch/peel/burn I ever got. I think I might be overdoing it but the pain was slightly aggravating… So, why do papercuts hurt so much? I’m guessing it has something to do with nerves but why so painful?

Answer #1

lol it’s not the paper cut itself that hurts so much(though they do hurt a lot)it’s because your hand and fingers have a lot of capillary beds and nerve endings

Answer #2

I was learning this before ^^

its because they don’t bleed that much so your pain receptors are exposed to air making the pain continue. and I’ve heard that your fingers have more sensory receptors than another area of your body (:

put a plaster on it ? so its not exposed to the air ;D

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