How much will braces hurt?

ok.. im getting braces and I’ve heard they hurt really bad for a couple weeks after you get them. Well, I have something planned a couple days after I get them, and I cant afford the pain along with all the other pains I have… Is there any way to make them stop hurting faster?

Answer #1

they dont hurt at all they might scratch you alittle but you get wax for it your teeth feel funny just eat soft foods and everything is great but they dont hurt at all but they leave you alittle sore

Answer #2

They didn’t hurt when I got them on but the day after I got them on it hurt really bad. That was the only day though. If you take some pain medicine you should be okay.=]

Answer #3

For me getting braces did hurt but only a week the denist will give you this kind of wax stuff that you can put on them to stop hurting but other than that I dont nkow sorry

Answer #4


Answer #5

Take IB Profen before you leave the house for the dentist. They should only hurt for a couple days.

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