When I stop breastfeeding my baby will it hurt as much?

right now im not breastfeeding, the doctros told me not to, until his first doctors visit, and my breasts have been engorged and they really hurt. so now that i went to the doctor he said i can go ahead and brestfeed but my question is if i do start again and if i want to stop like in three months will they hurt as much as they do now?

Answer #1

Yea i think so. they will fill up after you stop which will cause them to be engorged and sore. Untill it dries up permanetly. It wont take to long and they should be back to normal

Answer #2

It will hurt for a couple of days but not that much. There will be a bit pain under your armpits too I suppose.

Answer #3

the matter is not your breast -.- it’s the baby, breastfeed him so he may grow strong and smart and healthy,,,etc it has many many many positive effects on the baby when he/she is breastfed

Answer #4

If you do stop, the best way to ease the pain is to get in the shower and either let hot water run on them or put a wet washcloth on them in the shower (with hot water). It hurts like hell for a couple of days and they get really big and hard and feel like damn bricks attached to your chest!! At least the hot water will release pressure.

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