Why does my stomach hurt so much?

everyime I go to walk or run my stomache KILLLS. it tightens and I have to lie down. and when I cough it hurts so much.and I cant do this cause at gym I just have to suck it up no matter the pain, and I really can’t do this anymore, it hurts way to much. and going to the doctor is not an option. what do I DO?!

Answer #1

What else do you expect us to tell you? No offense but c’mon… obviously you need to see a doctor, theres no way else of knowing. It could be something serious - do whats best for you.

Answer #2

You are anorexic, so maybe it is your body rebelling against the torture you are putting it through. It’s definitely a signal that something is wrong and that you need to get yourself medically attended to.

Answer #3

why is the doctor not an option? thats the only way your going to find out what to do

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