Why do I stay hungry and have this nausea feeling?

I just started a new diet that consists of lots of water, fruit and vegetables throughout the day and then at dinner a small portion, so I belive I take in the right amount of food needed but yet I stay hungry, I have this empty feeling similar to nausea that doesn’t go away, how can I make it go away, cause I know I’m not hungry but my stomach seems to disagree. Help please!

Answer #1

As long as you truely are eating enough food to remain healthy (www.ahealthyme.com - if you go to the calorie needs calculator on this website you will find out how many calories you need to consume each day to lose weight but remain healthy) then it may just be your body getting used to a new diet.

Answer #2

First off all, chocolate95 is right. You need more protein. Protein sticks to your ribs and you don’t get hungry as quickly as you do with carbs, which burn off in an hour or two. When you eat, are you eating slowly and chewing about 15-20 times? The slower you eat, the better..

Answer #3

You should eat more protein and a little more carbohydrate your eating too much stuff that produces acid. That should hopefully make the nausea feeling going away. If not see your doctor x x x Hope this helps

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