Why haven't I been feeling hungry?

Ok lately I haven’t been feeling hungery. Today I was out and my stomach started growling but I didn’t feel hungery. I have been barly eating lately cause I haven’t been feeling hungery. I don’t know what to do! I don’t want this to become dangerous. Please help!

Answer #1

Your ok yourjust anxious or nervous about somethin,go see your doctor so he can run some tests just to make sure ok.

Answer #2

just force urself to eat, kinda. if your stomach is growling, then I think that you should eat something. at least something, evn if its small. like a fruit or a bag of pretzels or sumthin. then if you get hungry after that, then eat some more. and make sure that you stay hydrated. ^_^

Answer #3

hey I get the same thing.. accept for all the time… I just force myself to eat and stay hydrated all the time…

Answer #4

Are you stressed or upset about something? Because that happens to me when I am. Just try snacking on things, even if it’s just a little bit.

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