Is it weird that i like feeling hungry?

this may sound odd to some but when I don't eat, and I'm starving, I love that feeling of emptyness, it's different from when your heart is empty..I don't know, I think it feels good, and I know, it's not normal..and I'm diagnosed with anerexia..BUT as you can tell by my pics I can handle it..I'm glad I'm not anerexic skinny!!!

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I like feeling hungry its gr8 and I know what you mean by the empty feeling. its like the saying nothing taste as good as thin feels so no I dont think your weird!

take care x

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you are all strange.
are you anorexic? Are you attention seeking teenagers? OMG! you people realy get on my nerves!
But on the other hand, your not as bad as over-fat people.
I hate being hungry! It makes me feel tired and sad.

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no its not weird. I feel hungary a lot of the time and I kinda like it. but I only eat when im really bored. I try to keep myself busy. and when I cant then I just try to eat healthy. fruit salad is good, just mix it together and put a little sugar into it.

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I love love love feeling hungry..I don't know why, I hae feeling full because normally when I eat, I over do it then I eat to much and just sleep then it all comes back in my hips to haunt me...AAAHHH.. I mean, I love food and I eat all the time, almost none stop, but on those days where I coudln't fit a meal in, I LOVE IT! and no I'm not an attention seeking teenager, if anyone is, you are..look at your display pic!!! are u kidding me?

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I don't like the hunger feeling, but I do like the feeling when my tummy goes numb cause of no food.

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I like feeling hungry because I know that I am the because of that. im in control of my food

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ooo...not eating then eating anything fatty is bad...drop the sugar!!!

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