Why do I feel hungry when I'm not actually hungry at all?

I feel hungry so I go to eat something but once I take a bite I feel stuffed so I leave it and then 5 or ten minutes later I’m starving again! It’s getting really annoying!

Answer #1

this is because we go for eating when you are too hungry when you are too hungry you cant eat….my personal experience

so you should got to for eating when u r hungry not too hungry ;) like me

Answer #2

Try to drink more fluids and have a regular eating pattern. This will help your body learn to know when it is actually hungry and when it isn’t. I can’t answer why you feel that but I went through a phase of this and my advice above is what I did (:

Answer #3

Chronic dehydration can be mistaken for hunger, so I would try drinking more water. Also, some people naturally prefer to eat smaller meals more frequently.

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