What illness is this? Sore throat, headache, and stomach ache?

It started with a pounding headache and a stomach ache and I thought it was from stress because lately I have been verryyy stressed out and now I have a sore throat. I looked at the hangy thing in the back of my throat and its white, but not enlarged. Could this be from stress too? My parents think I am playing it up and I feel like I have a fever but I am not sure. I dont know what to do because I doubt my parents will take me to the dr their answer for everything is sleep and take vitamins. What should I do?

Answer #1

If I was you,you sould see a Doctor too help you out,if you are feeling that sick you know.

Answer #2

its probably just the beginning of a cold I had the same symptoms and I had tonsillitis

Answer #3

you really need to get to a doctor for sure, you really need to streeesss that with your parents and also drink a lot of vitamin C because that helps with sore throats so get some fruits or Orange Juice or Apple Juice or something. GO TO DOC!

Answer #4

Yeah, could be the start of a cold… most likely you’re getting a throat infection (antibiotics will help with that) so tell your parents to at least get you some medicine from your doctor before you get worse.

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