Dizzy, stomach ache, body aches, tired ...

Lately I’ve been having troubles with my stomach. For the past year or so, I always feel sick to my stomach when I wake up.

For the past week or so I’ve had diarrhea (off and on.) I thought it may have been caused from something I was eating (milk) so I stopped - the symptoms didn’t. I just started my new job 3 weeks ago. I work for 12 hours, so I thought maybe my body was just acting up cause I’m not used to it. I just had 4 days off - symptoms didn’t go away.

Two days ago I decided to have a bath. It wasn’t really hot, warm, normal. I was laying in the tub reading a book - relaxing. All of a sudden I started to feel sick to my stomach so I decided to get out. As soon as I stepped out of the tub I felt gross, dizzy, my body tingled. I sat on the floor til I felt better. As I was getting dressed the feeling came back. I thought I might be hungry or thirsty so I made my way to the kitchen. Everything went black, my body tingled. I quickly made my way over to the couch and out of no where it felt as though a huge gravitational fource knocked me down. I fell .. Don’t remember .. Then got up and layed on the couch for a bit. My stomach felt gross… Felt like I was going to puke. I thought “okay I have to eat something!” I made my way to the kitchen (sat on the floor while food was being warmed up - too dizzy!) I sat and ate .. Still feeling sick, I didn’t feel hungry at all!! Then I noticed that my left arm was really numb, tingly and I could bairly move my hand. that was weird.

Anyway.. Nothing too weird has happened since then but now I’m sitting at work with a really bad stomach ache! Feels like constipation but I can’t be constipated while I have diarreah can I? Lol. Also, I am not hungry.. At all. Actually .. Food grosses me out. Certain smells gross me out. My body is sore, I have a headache and I’m tired. Ugh!

Anyone know what might be wrong with me? Thanks :)

Answer #1

Im going through the same thing…I can’t stand being in pain anymore. GOODLUCK!!!

Answer #2

I think you should go to the doctor. That sounds serious. Hope you get feeling better!

Answer #3

And I have butterflies..? lol… I’m NOT excited about anything. I’m at work… how exciting can it be..?

Please someone.. help.

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