Why can't I tell my church leader about my phone bill?

I’ve been having problems with my cell phone bill. Fortunately, my friend whoes like grandma is also helping me with my finances since I have the visual impairment and been blind since birth. Well, both her and I aren’t able to have courage to tell our church leader whoes our LDS Branch President my part of the cell phone bill which was pretty high. I’m afraid to talk to him about any kind of financial trouble. My friend had to ask for some help from our church for herself but, I’m not strong enough to do that myself. What’s the reason? I’d appreciate some feedback if possible.

Answer #1

I would hazard a guess that you are feeling very guilty about your “pretty high” bill. Maybe you are embarrassed or ashamed that you can’t control your phone use. I think I can understand how talking on the phone could seem so important, since voices are your main contact with people. Could you find some discussion groups to join, as an alternate way of interacting with people? Youth groups, book discussion groups? Just a suggestion. I wish you well. Stay Safe, and Good Luck!!

Out of curiosity, do you have one of those tactile screens, or a text to speech reader. If you have text to speech, how does it manage with all of the terrible spelling that is on this site? Again, all the best.

Answer #2

Why does your church leader have anything to do with your phone bill?

@blerggher: Screen readers, which read out sites, are readily available. It’s also possible to get braille devices.

Answer #3

Why dose your church have todo with you cell phone bill? If your needing a loan form them or something? im confused

Answer #4

how can you read or type any or this ???

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