Does anyone have a spiritual relationship with leaders from Church?

Does anyone have a spiritual relationship with leaders from church? I can tell you, I do! I love my church leader for he’s kind, caring, and is concerned for everyone’s spiritual well-being including mine. He won’t judge or anything. If you have something to tell him, he’ll keep whatever you tell him confidential. He is also like a father figure to me since he’s given me advice from dating, to online dating, and what men are like and other issues. He has four children of his own and all of them are in either their mid 20’s or late 20’s. I know one of his daughters is my age which is 23. I also want to tell you, he even helped me with my suicidal symptoms when I was feeling depressed back in June. when I ‘m emotional, he’s always there to talk too.Except when he needs to go away. I’m not surprised that he puts up with me since that’s part of his calling. Oh, by the way, I’m Mormon. I’ve never cried in front of him except over the phone. Him and his wife are sweet people. They even would have me stay at their house for reasons whether it’d be for the temple or for a program I had to go to which was an addiction recovery program he sat in on with me. It’s mostly if we’re going to the temple since I live kind of far. Maybe about an hour. I could go on but, I would like to know if your leaders from church have been there to help you in any way? If you have a story to share, I’d love to read it.

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Leading our church mens group has been a huge blessing for all of us. It has allowed the men to be vulnerable without judgment. Getting men to talk and to share what’s near and dear to their hearts is very hard but has been incredibly rewarding. Being there, listening, sharing, laughing and crying too comes very unnatural to most men. But speaking from the leadership side it has been great and I look forward to each week because I never know which way the class will go even with a study book. I pray that all mens groups allow Christ to permiate them and bring them a little deeper each week. It really is quite fascinating.

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This is a lovely post.. the way Church is supposed to be.

Thanks for sharing !!!

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