Why are some people rude to jehovahs witness ?

Why do anyone treat a jehovahs witness bad thy come because thy care about people

Answer #1

thank you for taking the time to reply

Answer #2

Same reason people are mean to telemarketers. They are obnoxious.

Answer #3

People treat us Rude because they dont want to hear what we have to say! We are different, The Brothers take their time out of their day to come preach to people because thats what Jesus Did and thats what Jehovah God wants us to do to talk to people about the bible! In Matthew 28:19 it says To go out and make diciples and baptize them in the name of the father So we have to Go and Preach/Witness to people. You Dont See ANY other religion Preaching All over the World! We actually care about other peolple We do it out of love for the people So that they can learn about Jehovah God But people dont want to know because they are blinded by satan just like the bible says. We Will continue to preach All over the World Until The End Comes (Matthew 24:14)


Answer #4

For me personally, I don’t like someone approaching me without being asked and telling me my belief system is wrong. Whether you’re very religious or staunchly atheist, your beliefs form a very large part of who you are, and so it is very personal. To disrespect that so blatantly is not a good way to make friends. It’s like someone coming up to you and saying, ‘’You’re girlfriend is very ugly and you need a facelift, but I can help.’’ Whether or not he actually CAN help and whether or not he genuinely cares about me is completely beside the point.

Answer #5

I don’t think anyone deserves to be treated badly, but I can understand why some people react the way they do.

Nobody likes to be forced into listening to someone infringe upon their beliefs and push them into changing.

People need to learn to back off.

Answer #6

So if I came to your house and insisted you stop believing in fairy tales because life was so much more than that and I know it is all lies and you’re just wasting your life, you’d what be happy about it? No? Only religious people have a right to claim superiority without being challenged?

Answer #7

I was raised as Witness and left during high school. Some people are rude to Jehovah’s Witnesses because they have had really bad experiences with these people. This is more likely when the person used to be a witness or got to have the wonderful experience of seeing the Witnesses tare their families apart. Others don’t want to be insulted because they refuse to join the cult and feel it necessary to be rude in order to get the point across. While you may be told to inform them you would like to be placed on the do not call list that doesn’t really work, they still come by. And Jehovah’s Witnesses are not the only religion that are trying to convert all over the world, just look at mission trips most are sponsored by a chruch.

Answer #8

I don’t think they care about people, I think they push their religion on others and try to tell people that what they believe is incorrect and that they’re not living the way they should be. No one wants to hear that kind of b.s. I find that people who become in a jehovahs witness cult or any other cult, like christianity become so obsessed with their religion that they are completely incapable of viewing other people objectively.

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