How should a Jehovah's Witness woman behave?

How a woman from this religion behave, i mean, what would happened if i like somebody from this religion, so what happen if a woman from this religion get divorced she can get married again or not. tellme please thank you.

Answer #1

Legally, yes.

Religiously, Yes IF…. If she is divorced for cause, as in if her husband committed adultery, or was not following the precepts of their religion, he abuses her, he commits incest, or other gross sin. No, IF … she is divorced without cause (no fault) or she committed any of the above.

Answer #2

Jehovah’s Witnesses usually do not let their kids date non-Jehovah’s Witnesses (at least where I live). The one Jehovah’s Witness that I know that married outside (the wife was RC) is divorced because the wife didn’t want her kids denying the deity of Christ. Unless you are JW or apathetic to religion, it would be smarter to steer clear.

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