Jehovah's Witness

ok im not a Jehovah’s Witness but im curios.I know that they dont have blood transfusion becuase its bad…but is donating your organs bad?

Answer #1

I am an Ex-JW. They leave the organ donation up to the individual conscience, but do prohibit blood transfusions.

Answer #2

Hmm I was having a long chat with one once, and he said that the no blood thing is based on a quote from the bible, something like “abstain from blood… blood is life” he did really seem to focus on the blood so it might be ok, aslong as you took the blood out first :P

Answer #3

opppsss sorry wrong categorie!!!

Answer #4

I’m Jehovah WittnessBut I’m too Young To Understand, But I’ll Get Thee Scriptures For You.

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