Is there any Jehovahs witnesses on here?

I would like to talk to some one about things that are happening in my life, but I dont want to go to my elders or people in my congrogation.

Answer #1

A am not a j.w. but I do know God. Not perfectly buy I still know him. I have no denomination, so there are no rules made by man that I need to follow, I just love GOD. If I can help then please let me know.

Thank you.

Answer #2

I’m not a J.W. but I know a decent amount about your religion, and am willing to give you an answer based on your religious perspective. not quite as good as the real deal, but at least I’m willing. let me know if you want to chat.

Answer #3 Take a moment and check out this introductory video. It includes a recording made of an actual judicial committee hearing–one their secret trials. I am a former JW and this is what you get if you ever question anything you are taught. Very grueling.

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