Sick of Religion??

Im really sick and tired of the whole idea of religion it really pisses me off. im not saying religion is wrong but it just causes everyone to become so ignorant. not everyone believes in god or jesus that doesnt mean they are wrong yes people have their opinions but when it comes to religious debates people should really keep their mouth shut and their thoughts to themselves. I’ve gotten into so many arguments that almost turned into fights trying to get people to shut up. I have a friend whos wiccan and I support her 100% and she argued with a chick who was very strongly a Christian believer me and my friend (wiccan) almost fought her becuase she was saying that her religion is wrong and evil wtf?! I hate when christians(most of the time, I’ve never really seen anyother person of another religion do this) say that if your not a believer your pretty much the devil and I really hate it when people try and convert you and constantly preach to you the “word of the lord”. if people believe in something let them believe in it dont try and tell them they are wrong it just make you look way more ignorant. im agnostic and again like I said before im 10000% ok with w/e you are like even if you worship the devil again thats your thing you know and if someone is going to talk to me about religion I want it to be becuase they are teaching me a little something about their beliefs im actually very curious about other religions because it is fascinating just dont tell me whats what. I know I sort of ranted about this but does anyone feel the same?

Answer #1

So you’d be fine if someone was preaching at you about their religion?

Answer #2

According to History of Jesus

Um, you mean the CHRISTIAN version of the history of Jesus.

Answer #3

Don’t generalize. Wikipedia actually provides reputable OBJECTIVE information regarding religion, and religious history. Those topics are quite possibly under heavier scrutiny by Wiki contributors than any others.

Answer #4

Athleta4life - and please…dont let these experiences drive you away from learning about Jesus Christ.

Just couldn’t resist adding the above hey athleta??? After reading xxsvn’s post, what make YOU think she are interested in it, or are you, yet again pushing YOUR believes onto her like billion others??? Pretending to be the “good guy”

xxsvnystervengencexx - Do not stop questioning until you get to rational, logic answers to all religions. Wiki search religions and their origins and all superstitions. I promise you its worth spending the time, to get behind the worlds believe and reality!

Answer #5

Wtf, just because people tell you about jesus you hate them? They are just doing it in good will. Your personality is severely warped

Answer #6

forcing beliefs will never work.

im sorry you get so frustrated.

a lot of what my Brothers and Sisters dont understand, is that we teach with compassion…not guilt…not forcefully.

please forgive my christian friend…

and please…dont let these experiences drive you away from learning about Jesus Christ.

just cause some Humans give the bad example…doesnt mean thats how you should judge the big picture.

im sorry. forgive her and future ones to come.

Answer #7

Aggression well always be their,yes everyone has an opinion,but you must not Fight over this situation,you have to be the Smart one,think before you do.According to History of Jesus,he Died and went through torture for the Haman race and did not Rebuttal but you must not give up,just like you would not give up on anything you desire,right.

Answer #8

Ok first of all…READ EACH AND EVERY WORD OF WHAT I WROTE!!! like seriously you people are not even comprehending what I have written.

#1. thehelper. I do not hate people if they tell me about jesus I know about jesus enough from my catholic backround but I choose to be agnostic. telling me my ways are wrong and that I have to do this and that and believe in only this or that are things that frustrate me because I dont believe in it and I dont want to. There are DIFFERENCES telling me “there is only one god” and saying “I believe that there is only one god” are 2 completely different things. that is what im saying so please before you start to assume what im really trying to say and calling my personality warped really does show how you yourself are being extremely ignorant

#2 ty no I wouldnt be fine if someone preaches at me. I mean teach in a sense that I get a better understanding of what they do. say for the Muslim religion (I’ve asked many of my friends who are Muslim) I would ask how they pray and they would tell me. do you get what im saying like I like learning how different religios work but I dont like people telling me that im wrong or a bad person because I believe in the things I believe in. do you get it?

Answer #9

jane_of_the_jungle on

obviously your quick to judge because you didnt understand what I was saying. I meant for her to please not let these experiences get to her.

how am I, by asking, forcing my beliefs???

am I not asking??? am I making her do it some supernatural way over the internet?

no..I am not…

- Do not stop questioning until you get to rational, logic answers to all religions. Wiki search religions and their origins and all superstitions

also whats this about??? getting a rational logic answer to all religions by using wikipedia???

wiki is not a reliable source, and if sir/ mam, you are using this as your educated source to what I believe and what others believe…then your obviously uneducated of this topic…

so tell me, what gives you a right to attack me, saying that I am forcing my beliefs on her??? when your possible only knowledge comes from an unreliable source like…wiki…

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