How long do people wait to have another baby?

My son passed away from sids..on november 05,2009. And its hard because he was my baby boy.. My first son..and I just wanted to long does people wait to have another baby.. Becasue right now I dont want another very scared. I don’t know what to do??

Answer #1

My first daughter died in 2002 and we had another in 2004. Seek counseling and understand that the fear may never go away so don’t let that be your only indicator of when. You may always feel as you do now just try to differentiate the feeling of having another child for the sake of having a child and having a child in order to replace the hurt, don’t do that.

Get counseling.

This coming from a dad.

Answer #2

well… first you have to wait for your 1st baby to start walking! then you ask!

Answer #3

I would definetly take time to grieve! As a mother of 3 little boys I couldnt imagine even living life if something happened to one of them! So im very very sorry if you ever need a shoulder mine is available! The doctors always told me to wait two years to have another baby!

Answer #4

Take the time to grieve. Losing a child is a very diffuclt situation to go through. When your ready to have another baby you will know it in your heart. They say God has a plan and everything happens for a reason, one day that reason may become known to you. Until then just remember he is always looking down on you and will be waiting for you on the other side.

Answer #5

Whenever you are ready then you can try for another baby. Have you considered seeking counseling to try and get over the death of your baby boy? Counselors are really good at helping you cope with things and you should try and get all the support you need.

Answer #6

I haven’t lost a child but I always have the fear of loosing a child.I was afraid every since my daughter was born and I said to myself that I wasn’t ever going to have anthor kid because I didn’t want to face the facts that that could happen to me or anyone.My daughter is 3 and I still haven’t had anthor baby cause I don’t want to have even more fears and worries.That’s just me and my decision.If you feel your ready to have anthor baby go for it kids are a true blessing and joy.There arw some things in life that we can’t changed and all we can do is keep pressing foward cause God has a purpose and plan for all of us.

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