Having another baby

I love to have another baby. I’m just thinking when is the right time. My 2 year and four month boy toddler has mild autism and currently undergoing occupational and speech therapy. I feel that he still needs my 100% time and attention since he is still very young and his father works overseas (comes home only once a year and stays for a month). Before he was diagnosed with his disorder, my husband and I were already thinking of giving him a baby brother/sister soon, but that changed when the diagnosis came. Yup we still are planning of having another child (hopefully next is a girl) but I am wondering when will be the right time…just your thoughts about it…

Answer #1

Honestly, I think that if you keep waiting it will get harder for you because your son is constantly going to have your undivided attention. It won’t get easier when he’s older. The older he is when you have another baby the more adjustment he’ll have to make. If you would have one now he wouldn’t even remember a time without the baby but if you wait till he’s 5 then he’ll remember when it was “just him”.

If you would start trying now you probably wouldn’t have a baby for almost a year or more, that ‘s a whole year to work with him yet…

If it was me…I would have another now. Personally I think it’s easier when they’re closer together in age…but my oldest and middle are 13 months apart and from my oldest to youngest they are exactly 3 years and 19 days apart…so my “babies” are all growing up together and getting into the same things together. It made things a lot easier for me and for them…since they always have a playmate.

Good luck :)

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