separated from baby - how long will she remember me?


i have been separated from my daughter for a month now and am not sure when i will see her again. She is 14 months old.

Does anyone know how this will affect the child’s memory of me? Or how long it will be before i will be starting from scratch again/be a stranger to her?

Any help or info much appreciated. I am a bit worried.

Answer #1

a 14 month old child, if kept in contact with pictures and phone calls will know WHO you are, if she doesn’t remember who you are. Otherwise she’ll very soon forget, in 6-9 months.

Answer #2

im sorry to be the bearer of bad news but children ushually forget things from when they are new born by the age of about 2 or 3……but the again there is a bond that children and their mothers share…so ull probably always be with her.and even if you do start from scratch shell feel conected to you from the moment she sees you.all my best hopes -vianey

Answer #3

y not??

Answer #4

vannilla702, you cannot be 15! :D

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