Why is my house kind of creepy at times?

My house is kinda creepy at times. I was cooking on night it was just me my grandpa was outside and my brother was withmy mom and grandma at the store. I was in the kitchen and I heard whispering so I turned around and know one was there then I continued what I was doing. Then it kept getting closer to me and when I turned around it stopped and then I heard whistaling then I called for my grandpa and 3 seconds later he came in through the door and he was asking what I was cooking then my mom and grandma came home.. It was creepy then I heard some one call my name and I told my grandma to stop calling my name and she told me shes not calling my name and sometimes I heard foot steps and it gets coland my necklaces move that hang on my wall next to my bed I think my house is haunted

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In reply to this question you are going to get two type of answers,

Some people are going to tell you that you have some mental problem and you need to visit a psychiatrist or someone and get a treatment for your illness.

But some others (myself included) are going to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you but that your house is haunted and you need to pray and read the Bible and the grace of Lord Jesus will free you from them.

It is really your choice whom you are going to believe. Make your choice and act accordingly.

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Here Is Some Great Advice…try just relaxing first. If that dosen’t work try thinking logically and saying to yourself “am I imagining?” Or “whats the reason this is happening” Ok Simply Just Realize that happened to me once before but you must realize the brain is a very very powerful thing, What ever you think is there will be there and what ever you hear is going to transfer to your brain and you will become paranoid.. in other words pray to god that you loose these feelings and you will loose them really fast and believe that his help will work..

Thanks, Hope I helped.

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