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What type or kind of place do you think this psychic woman meant?

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Well I've been getting these emails about me from a psychic and pretty much the stuff she says about me is true. But last Saturday she sent me an email saying this in it: "•You will be meeting the love of your life—VERY SOON. However, this encounter will be unexpected and in a place that is not normal for you". What type of place do you think she could have meant? The public places I go to the most are the psychologist office, gyno doctor's office, walmart, dollar stores, The insurance company office, city hall, courthouse, post office, technical college, mcdonald's & burger king. The other places I go to are my best friend's mother's house to spend time with her and babysit my best friend's, sister's 2 year old little boy and both of my in-law's houses. What kind or type of place do you think she meant? Thanks!