How do I get rid of a ghost in my house?

My family has recently moved into a rent house in Pasadena Texas. Everything seemed normal when we first moved in. About a month after the owner told us that he had some of him dead brothers stuff in the attic. My husband thought it would be a good idea to check out the attic, and what was in it. Ever sence then we have heard and seen some pretty strange stuff. It seems the more time has passed the worst it has gotten. If anyone knows how to help, PLEASE let me know.

Answer #1

Contact the nearest catholic church.

Answer #2

Call the Ghost-busters?

Answer #3

um…be nice to the ghost?I don’t know.

Answer #4

you know a ghost isn’t always demonic? so im sure it means no harm. sheesh some of these people are weird :P

Answer #5

You DONT need a priest to go to your house and had him bless it ! I hope I dont scare you but What you are hearing and seein its not a ghost ! It is Satan is the one who is making noise or moving things and making you see things so that you Believe its a Persons Ghost. If you have anything in your house that has to do with spiritism Get Rid of it this can cause satan To Be Their. Anything like, Tarot Cards, Ouji Board, Any Paranormal Movies Or anything that can be related to spiritism and Be sure whats in the Attic mabe theirs something their. God Condemns People Who Practice anything that has to do with Spiritism Because satan if Behind it ( Isaiah 8:19,20 Leviticus 19:31 20:6,27) Pray to God, And Tell Him what you feel and hear, Pray to him and let it come from the heart, and tell him not to let satan come in your house and do things, you and your Husband pray a lot not repeating the same thing but pray everyday so that he can protect you, By Just Saying Gods Name satan and his demonds Flee, Jehovah Is His Name ( Psalms 83:18, Exodus 6:2,3 3:15 )

xoxo Heidi

Answer #6

cool trick I learned from the movie paranormal activity… put baby powder in spots were you think youve seen something and the next morning check for patterns and footsteps…

Answer #7

well I dont think you can make it leave sorry. you can try talking to it im sure, its not trying to hurt you or your family it just isnt ready to leave. if you get me? you can be nice to it and not be so frightened or you can also go to a near by church and ask someone their.

Answer #8

Smudge stick, or go to your local church, catholic is the best even if your not part of their denomination they can still help you.

Answer #9

umm…my mom has a friend who had a ghost in her house. from what I herd it was 2 kid. I think they died in the house and then the parents moved or something like that. at night my moms friend and her husband would hear noises coming from upstairs. they would yell up the stairs for them to pick up and go to bed. then the noises were gone. I think that if you treat it like a normal person and be kind, it will just leave on its own time or just leave ou alone.

if you want a second opinion my uncle is a ghost hunter. his website is and you can get his a social site there also. he lives in massachusettes but I think he mite be able to give you some advice.

Answer #10

call paranormal experts to investigate it might be somethang not serious maybe just creeks an cracks you know but dont move it will just foloow you also spirts feed off neg energy so dont produce neg energy that gives it a chancecome alive basically

Answer #11

Yea get a priest to bless the house wid holy water and a prayer in each room you should also put up crosses and a bable would be good juss dont upset the ghost kindly ask it to go away…but seriously get a priest pranto..I would b scared outta my as$ if I lived ina house wid a ghost in it

Answer #12

spiritual cleansing by a preist vicar or person of the cloth. and positive happy thinking. sometimes spirits have bad memories of emotions they have felt in certain places or if theyve died nearby or in your house. hope you get rid of it. or at least get something done about it.

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