Where is a good place to start?

I am fourteen and I am looking for a good job to get started. Please don’t consider babysitting or dog walking to me because I am not a lover of little children and I also dislike animals around me. So can you help me. What is a good job for after school and on a Saturday. I have no allowance so I want to earn a little cash for school supplies when I enter high school and other things. I don’t want to sit at home all day and clean. So can you please help thanks. (:

Answer #1

I been also chopping firewood for money I earn at least $15-90 a day. Any ideas its cold down here and I want something people would want. And a car wash xD its too cold here for that. Thanks anyways(:

Answer #2

if thers snow shovel driveways chop down icicles

Answer #3

bucket full of water, some car wash-wax and go round charging a few quid/dollors for a quik wash.

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