How to start being good at acting?

I really want be an actress. The thing is I wont act in front of my school. Ill be emberresed and nervous because I wont know if I’m actually good. How could I start being good at it? Practice with my best friend who also wants to be an actress? I can also fake cry in front of my parents.. that gets them to get me what I want. But I need more ways to boost up my chances to be on TV and going on the Red Carpet!

Answer #1

Well if you cant do it in front of peers just yet, I suggest getting involved in local theatres. Sometimes they hold open auditions, and thats a good way to start. You can also try an acting coach, I’m just not sure how much that would cost you. The best friend is also a good way to practice. Try exposing yourself a lot more. Feel your emotions and keep them so that you can remember them when your acting. Let it be natural, even though acting is indeed portraying something other than yourself, the emotions will always be real.

Answer #2

you should do it at school, I know if it was me id be embarresed too. but it would be good fun. but if you honestly dont want to you could take classes out oof school and join a thearter group :]

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