Know any good modelling agencies to start out with?

Hi guys

Does anyone know any good modelling agencies to start out with? Im 21 and know I’ve got what it takes to do it to raise a bit of extra cash! Not wanting to do it full time, just alsong side my curreny job? any ideas?

Thanks x

Answer #1

You need to start out locally. Try making an account on modelmayhem and finding photographers around you to put together a portfolio, then you take that portfolio to agencys and if they like you they hire you.

Also if your not in a major city, there is not really much you can do. Most high paid successful models are based in New York, Miami or LA. Cause of this most jobs are located there as well. Everywhere else is slim pickings.

Answer #2

I’ve heard barbazon is a scam? do you have any experience of this? x

Answer #3

Barbazon. or Ford modeling.

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