Is mcdonalds a good place to work?

Is cdonals nice ot work for and do they pay good and how old do you have to be?

Answer #1

Hmm… I havent had a job before, but my cousins have worked at places like that. They thought it was good, but not enough pay. But it was because it was in a small town with almost no customers.

I’d personally like to work at a clothing store because you can get discounts, but you have to be a good employee too!

Good luck, and I hope you get the job$$$!

Answer #2

I worked there for about a year, and it was an amazing job, at first I hated the job because it took a while to get good at everything, but it is a relle good job, you make freinds really easily, and it has awesome food

Answer #3

its ok if you are just starting out working, around my area they start you out at about 6 dollars an hour and I think you have to be at least 16.

Answer #4

McDonalds wouldn’t be many people’s first choice. However, you can’t be too picky for your first few jobs. Two of my first jobs were at restaurants. One was at Kentucky Fried Chicken and the other was a place called Chip’s Chicken Fired Steak Factory. Both jobs didn’t pay well but expected you to bust your butt the whole time you were there.

After you pay your dues working somplace like McDonalds you will have a work history to put on applications for better jobs.

Answer #5

My cousin worked in McDonalds for ages and he loved it. At first he turned his nose up at the prospect but they pay over the minimum wage and are very flexible with the hours you work. I would go for the job :] they’re a good company and working in fast food gets you a good bunch of skills - working on the tills/drive-thru/preparing food/cleaning and all while under pressure! It’ll be good for your CV!

Answer #6

its ok its confusing your first day but after that its fun!

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