What are some good places to volunteer?

I’m 13 and i want to help out my Community especially with some pounds or Senior homes. what are some good places that need help or things done for free?

Answer #1

You can check out: Rescue Missions - Meals on Wheels - Church Nursery - Salvation Army - Red Cross - Community Recreation Center

Answer #2

I agree senior centres are always looking for people to help out, any community cnetres around your area are sure to want some help so go start asking around.

Answer #3

Think God there are some young people who want to help other .Senior centers ,Salvation Army , Hospitals, Get a group together and visit nursing homes .People really enjoy it when someone comes to see them .You may be the only one who has taken time to visit them Some times even families don,t .GREAT KEEP IT UP.

Answer #4

Senior centers would be a good place to start.

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