Where did the word Amish come from?

where did the word amish come from?

Answer #1


Etymology: probably from German amisch, from Jacob Amman or Amen fl1693 Swiss Mennonite bishop : of or relating to a strict sect of Mennonites who were followers of Amman and settled in America chiefly in the 18th century

Answer #2

I think you mean Amish. Anyway, Amish get their name from a Mennonite leader named Jacob Amman who broke with the Mennonites because he felt the group was moving away from their original teachings.

Answer #3

Omish are people that follow a specific religion, a derivative of Christianity…there were several such derivatives that migrated to the Americas such as Puritans, Quakers, etc.

Answer #4

at first is was a mish-mash of many people… they cut off the mash, and called themselves a mish and leter AMISH

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