Where can i buy condoms?

Where can I buy condoms that I won't be embarassed to ask for them at the pharmacy- and WITHOUT my mom?! I'm NOT going to buy them over the internet.

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(wow lots of monts late. lol)
your wrong.
condoms CAN fail, they don't always fail.
and yes, out of 100 girls one will get pregnant, but for some of them it will not be the right time of month, which kinda lowers the stats.

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You can buy condoms anywhere that sells them.

Hahaha, that was pretty obvoius. But go to Walmart, and depending on your location, they have those Self Checkout things, and that way, no one will even SEE what you're buying. Just stick it in with some other things. Maybe buy a couple other items to mix it in with. Don't be scared of your mom coming with you, moms are nosy. If you absolutely DO NOT want her to see, go to a gas station, or walmart, but be mature. That way, if someone sees you buying them they aren't going to be like "OH MY GOSH" just be calm about it, and mature.

Not only if you act immature, you probably aren't ready. If you are embarrassed to buy condoms, you're too immature to have s3x.

Hope I Helped, Walmart Is My Favorite Store :)

how old do you have to be to buy condoms

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Do you have to be a certain age to buy condoms?
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School - My ex used to sell them to kids like you
Gas stations
Bathrooms of any places teens go
Drug stores
Parents underwear drawer? Haha.

Where can a high school kid buy condoms?

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if u have a friend that buys condoms give him money so the next time he goes and buy condoms he'll buy u some

Can you buy condoms in walmart?
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Why don't you find a youth clinic in your neighbourhood. You should look it up on the internet. Basically you do not need to give them your name or anything but you can go in and ask for some condoms. They give them out for free and they won't judge.

Can you buy condoms at 14?

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Well the best idea I have, is buying prepaid visa-type gift cards at Walmart. These can usually be found where gift cards are found. These cards allow you to shop online and for anything, so surf the web and find a box of condoms and buy em'. This is a great way if you are embarrassed to go somewhere and buy them in front of people. *note: this can be fairly complicated and may require registration of cards online* Otherwise this is a very good, and discreet way to order sexual product discreetly.

Where to buy condoms in al-khobar, saudi arabia?
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I saw them at 711...

How old do you have to be to buy condoms?

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Go to Walmart and get them along with something else and go to the U-scan thingy..

Where to buy condoms?
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I think that is wrong.
I'm 18 and in my opinion parents should be told if their son/daughter is using any kind of contraceptives. telling a girl to go to a health clinic behind their parents' back is not only deceiving but a downright lie and its wrong. now, this isn't for all situations, but for the norm of teens still living at home, who go out to parties on the weekend and have sex without their parents ever knowing.
Condoms fail. The Pill is only 99% effective, which means that for every 100 girls having sex using the Pill, one will get pregnant.
Pregnancy is not a disease that we have to "protect" ourselves from to prevent it from spreading. It brings a new life into this world, a life that is a gift from God above, who is in charge of who gets to live and who gets to die. NOT us. we can't decide that just to indulge in our selfishness, which is, of course, getting laid.

Can you buy condoms at 13?
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They used to have a card back in the day that stated "can I have a box of trojans please?" hehe and I actually used it when I felt embarrassed too as a younger person but actually your best bet is to go to a grocery store/walmart because they all have
"SELF-CHECKOUT" lanes now and duh!
Use em man..nobody there will know but you and the barcode machine!
(just dont forget to take ure reciept) hehe

How old do you have to be to buy condoms?
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you can go to your local supermarket. mabey walmart or some other place where they sell a lot of different stuff. oh and dont thnik that buying condoms with your mom is embarrasing. trust me it could be way worse. for my first time my MOTHER got me a room at a hotel (which she paid for), gave me "tips", gave me some condoms, birth control pills (she did this one, one week before), and then she told my boyfriend to stay "safe". I told you it could be worse! rest assured I will never forget my first time, because of her.

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well I think if your ready you will know it

2.talk to your perents about it not about geting them but just s3x

3.look at your local stores and bathrooms where your parents rnt worried about you going there do this about a week or two after the talk so it doesnt sound weird

4.be mature and just ggo to a store and buy some who cares what people think in the line your doing this to be more mature so you dont bring children to this world that you rnt ready for

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1.talk to your parents about s3x not about doin it just talk about it

2.when your ready you will know

3.wait a few weeks until you go shopping after the talk

4.go to a store walmart gas stations and other pharmices that your parents let you go to and do not flip out or worry about u

5.get some and buy them who cares what people think about it your doing this to be 'safe' and not bringing children to the world that you are not ready for or really prepared for

I hope I helped!! good luck

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If you're embarrassed try to find somewhere that doesn't have condoms behind the counter so at least you don't have to ask

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