Can you buy condoms at 13?

Is it illegal to buy condoms when your 13

Answer #1

you can go buy them at 8 I know I did!

Answer #2

yea, sonny boy you are too younge, then again, you’ll do whatever you want, I just hope your doing a girl who’s wow..I feel bad for the girl..if she’s older than you, pathetic can be said and if she’s your age..what a lil ho*

Answer #3

no, it is not illegal…but may I advise you that 13 is WAY too young to be needing one! Please be smart and don’t do anything you will regret!

Answer #4

ya boy have funi know I am hint I am 13 about to turn 14

Answer #5

No, you can buy them whenever…

You can usually get them free at school or at Planned Parenthood though.

Answer #6

THX a lot. This will help a lot.

Answer #7

haha noo you can go buy them if your 7!

Answer #8

no me and my frendz did at 14 hehehe that was fun!

Answer #9

U don’t need a condom to jack off,

Answer #10

haha no you can buy them at any age. 13 is really young be careful kid.

Answer #11

lol, no xD Buying condoms is like buying some chewing gum (if the cashier is cool xD) I did and a friend from class freaked off. lol

I still don’t know why I bought them, I think I’ll never need them since I’m lesbian. They smell like 3 year old cheese… yuck xD

have fun with them xD

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