Where can a high school kid buy condoms?

where can a high school kid buy condoms with out any questions. or parent concent? a certain store?

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seriously, I went into k-mart and this wierd woman told me I was too young to buy condoms and to get out of the store (she worked there).

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go to any corner store, pharmacy..
doesn't really matter, tons of places have them..
you don't need concent or parents...
just go in, grab it and pay for it, wow your done!

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Well the woman was an idiot, there's no age to buy condoms. I guess you really dont want to get the manager involved but technically you could...
Try a pharmacy, they're less likely to be idiotic about it.

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You have to go to Toys are Us and ask them for baby rubbers.
Totally kidding go to a sex store, like a condoms galore, or exotic dreams or something dude

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ya you can go to walmart or any where

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You can buy them anywhere age does not matter

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you can even do the self check out and no one will ever know you bougth them=]

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I'm not trying to be mean at all, but I think if your in high school, your way to young to have sex. try buying condoms in college and that would be more resonable.

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you can get them in the toilet in a supermarket trust me.

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You can buy them anywhere that sells them. Theres no age limit to condoms!

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I agree go to walmart and use the self checkout

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