When using a ouija board, why does this happen?

me and my friend use the ouija board everytime I got to her house. I’ve noticed everytime we use the ouija board we both get pale and tired. I asked her if she noticed this and found out that when she used the board with other people she never got pale or tired. my question is why does this hapen only when shes using the board with me

Answer #1

ouija board is nothing. I think its cause you get nervous or frieghtened.

Answer #2

It is a freakin’ GAME people!!! It is not real. There are no spirits, demons, or ghosts, just overactive imaginations…

Answer #3

I have played with one. That is what you do with games. Nothing ever happened to me.

Answer #4

abuh69, it is a freaking game… There are no such things as demons…

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Answer #6

Anyone who actually thinks a ouija board can help someone speak to spirits is either really gullible, or completely delusional. They may or may not be stupid.

It is sold TOY stores!!!

Answer #7

jimahl im sorry I should have been more clear. I understand its not a belief system and I was not asking you to show respect to the game I was asking you to show more tact in expressing your opinion. To intoyoursoul the ouiji board is more than a game, so maybe instead of making it almost sound like anyone who believes in it is stupid, you could try saying “now this is my opinion, but I think that the ouiji board is just a game and is not to be taken seriously” do you get where I am coming from? I understand where you are coming from, I myself am not completely convinced that the ouiji board is a tool to contact spirits but I still managed to be tactful and respectful in my answer. Again, I am not asking you to respect a silly game, I am just bringing to your attention that your response made you look like you were insulting intoyoursouls intelligence. Its not anybodies place to judge what may be important to somebody. Thats all. No need to panic im not asking you to create a ouiji shrine.

Answer #8

I agree with jimahl. Maybe it has the same effect on you that chess has on some people, you concentrate so hard (in chess on the game) on hoping to hear/feel something that you get tired.

Answer #9

my advice is that you dont use the oiuja board because people (most) end up …possessed, or get mad and stuff and I am sure you know that this has to do with dealing with the satan and this is extremely dangerous I know cox I know someone who had done it before and something had gone wrong, so if anything goes wrong things could happen and not good. and I say its is satan that does that…I know people belive that you could contact the dead (yourr family ) with this board, but its not true. its very dangerous and just because something didnt happen before dont mean it ccant happen now! if I was you lol I wouldnt go near that thing!

hope I helped you somehow

Answer #10

You are probably both just tense and nervous/ stressed and it is taking its toll on you. If you find it quite a scary activity, of frightening for you, then just do not do it anymore. If you really want to contact the spirit world and believe you can, then why not try a professional medium or a seance with a professional, as you may feel more relaxed and have a better chance of success.

It is likely that you becoing pale and tired is just because you find it stressful.

Answer #11

Ouiji boards do not allow you to talk to your dead family and friends, they allow you to get possessed, or have a psycological break down, stop using it.

Answer #12

Yes stop using it I was spooked out my mind for 2 years and still kinda freaked out because of the stupid board you should stop using it o and you get pale cause a spirit want your life and tries to take it over trust me it happened to my friend but we burned the boarded and now we are ok

Answer #13

catalina your so full of chiet. whats so dangerous about a piece of plastic made by freakin parker brothers ha. I did a ouji board for kicks and nothing happens. im sure theres another explanation for yor guys exhastion. catalina dont preach stuff you dont know anything about.

Answer #14

catalina MOST people end up posessed??? I use a ouiji board for kicks and all of my friends do and just about everyone else I know and not a single person is possessed. weird.

as for the question, when I use the board, the person I am with seems to effect the results. My theory on how the ouiji board is that since we dont use some odd 90 percent of our brain, that the spirit (if one speaks with you) uses that to form the answers from your fingers moving the board. Now, it is usually either that, or you subconciously (omg sp) make the board move through expectation.

Now, some people are more sensetive than others to certain energies. I also get pale and mentally drained after a ouiji night. Now this is a theory…but out of my friends, it is me and my best bud that are the most sensetive to paranormal happenings. We are more open to it, and therefor better at ouiji boards. The people playing definitly effect what happens. When my and my bestie get together, we get answers from the board extremely fast compared to what is normal. And if I sit aside and watch people do it, its slower, but the moment I touch the pointer it speeds up. It even speeds up if I touch a players shoulder. Im a good channeler. I just am. So as for you, maybe the combination of you and your friend is a better frequency for the spirits to come through. Maybe all the other times your friend plays it with others when your not there, its the subconcious and not a spirit, but you show up and it works for them. Again thats my theory.

If you dont want to feel weird afterwards, look up some meditations that may give you some energy or recenter you. Oh! another possibility. Im more of a channel as I said, but there are personalities that are more grounded. Maybe there is someone in the other group that is just so grounded that it keeps things low key? Again, more theories Now, things to remeber when ouiji-ing It could very well be nothing special moving the pointer. Know that, and accept it. But at the same time, there could be. Also, when you are done talking to “someone” always go to the “goodbye” before removing your fingers from the pointer. Ask direct questions, and dont be pushy and remember, if it is a spirit, they mess with you. I dont mean like possession I mean jokes. My friend teased the spirit and she didnt want to remove her finger from the pointer and the pointer slowly slid across the floor to the other side of the room and kept going in impossible positions so shed get tangled trying to follow it. Remember, its a game, but at the same time a tool. Just try to keep your mind blank and open to new things and you will get results. those are my theories. hope it helps!

Answer #15

When playing with the Ouija board your opening yourself up to evil spirits. Its a very dangerous thing. The reason why your pale and feel tired is a good enough reason to realize that something good is not coming out of this “game.” Check this video out of a girl who used the Ouija board and her experiences, it was not pleasant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDJZGRoJTN0

Answer #16

jimahl I respect your opinion that ouiji board is just a game, but to intoyoursoul it appears that its more than that. Maybe respect the belief of others that it could be a little bit more…?

Answer #17

A ouija board is not a belief, it is a game sold by Hasbro. I do not need to show respect for a game. As far as belief in the supernatural, when I see some real evidence of it, I will give it some creedance. Until then it is all nonsense to me.

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