how to get rid of a ouija board

I heard you cant burn them cause it might open a portal. or make it pissed. so yea how the heck do you get rid of it

Answer #1

I read something about cutting it into seven pieces and barring it.

Answer #2

…garage sale…

Answer #3

I’m a ghost person ok,and the portal you opened will never go away without special help message me cause I opened a portal myself.

Answer #4

donate it to toys for tots

Answer #5

When you’re done messing around with it, and being stupid with messing with one… you put salt arounf the board and flip it over. Then when you’re out if the house you were in burn it. This closes the portal/door. BE SURE TO BURN IT AWAY FROM THE HOUSE YOU WERE AT!

Answer #6

its a piece of cardboard. unless your scared of refrigerator boxes just throw it out, take a dump on it whatever. nothing will happen. if you start to notice bad things happening to you your getting paranoid

Answer #7

My sisters found one in the closet before, and they said they did everything they could to get it to go away but it kept coming back where they found it…The only way they could get rid of it was by praying…it worked and they never had another problem with it again…So I think the best way if your believe in God is to pray that it will go away and never come back…

Good and Evil are real…it’s just a matter of knowing what to do with it.

Answer #8

umm…throw it in the dustbin?

Answer #9

you should probably eat it

Answer #10

Oh my freaking god.

I burnt the board. In my fireplace. The place where me and my 2 friends did the ouija board. (not in the fireplace, but in the same house.)

And we’ve been experiencing some extremely weird things. Things that make me cry myself to sleep at night because of fear.

Help me god.

Answer #11

I used a ouija board and the spirit claimed to be my great grandpa{ my guardian angel},then my dog came into the room and acted like she didnt want us to play with it. we asked my “great grandpa” if she wanted us to play with it ad he said no and we asked why and he said “demons”. we were curious how many there were and it said 8. so my friends and I are pretty scared and dont know what to do.. we might just take it to a church

Answer #12

you need to take it somewhere far away from the house, lay it upside down and pour salt around, then set it on fire…the door you opened will never go away, you will need a priest or phsycic to close the door although it may not work.

Answer #13

all things like that only have as much power as you give them. Speaking non-religiously, it is purely psychological. the old “if you think it will happen it will”. (although I dont think that covers portal opening…) however, speaking religious/spiritually, Gods power is real, as is Satans. But Gods is infinitely more powerful, but you do need to ask for it. Basically, just throw it away and dont think of it again, and you will be fine!

Answer #14

what you do is cut it into seven pieces and burn each individual piece BUT you POUR SALT AOUND THE PIECES AND A BIT ON THE PIECES TO KEEP THE PORTAL CLOSED

Answer #15

*I’m a ghost person ok,and the portal you opened will never go away without special help message me cause I opened a portal myself.

I don’t know if I can have children because I’d be TERRIFIED someone like this would be dating them.

Answer #16

LMAO. I hope you don’t really believe that.

For the sake of your sanity, take it to an empty parking lot somewhere, throw a little lighter fluid on it, and set it on fire. It will burn just fine, and then you’ll be past one more irrational fear.

Answer #17

I got on here because I was wondering how to get rid of one…but I just left it in my room and I’m fine…lol I didn’t throw it away or burn it I just never touched it again…

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