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Would it be ok for me to use a ouija board with my religion?

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Okayy, so lately I've been wanting to try a ouija board, the problem: Im Christian. I really dont want to disobey God by messing withit, but im veryvery curious about it. I just want to try it once, but then again I dont want it to count as witch craft and stuff. I'm not a big religious person, but I dont know if this would be counted as workshipping satan and what not. Should I use it? I'm very curious. My mom had actually gotten 2years bad luck from a demon when she used one(she had a car accident, lost her job, had to pay more in child support, and had many more big fights with my dad) My friend is now being haunted by a demon, and she used one a few days ago. I really want to stay true to God, but im very curious on this kind of stuff.