What weird expieriences have you had with an Ouija board?

Like, I dont want fake ones. I honestly want to know if it has moved by itself or something. And wha thas it said etc. I want to get one, but dont want some weird demon stalking me xD

Answer #1

there was a time that I played with one with friends a couple years ago and a ghost named Melinda came through. The funny part is that my friend melinda was in the room, and she was an awful friend, like the backstabbing and lying and snide remarks etc. So we asked what she wanted and she said trade places we asked what it meant she said I want to trade places with your melinda and the pointer kept sliding off the board to poke her in the knee. this creeped living melinda out beyond belief.

Now a paranormal explantation for what happen, when using a board, its wise to have somebody well grounded, very centered. At the time that was me, I was what my friends called the anchor for the night. Sometimes there is one person that the spirit will take a liking to. By that I mean that their energy works nicely for the spirit. Theres no way to arrange that, but that night I was the favored one as well. So since living melinda always tried to bring me down and hurt me, it was interesting that she became the target that night when I was being favored.

The most interesting part was when I smiled a little bit, the pointer came back towards me and then spelled out wink wink lol

The point of this is, the energy in the room will effect who shows up and who is favored and how the session goes. If you want it to just be a game, you will not contact anyone, because the ouija IS a game. But if you mean for it to be a tool, it can be.

Answer #2

If you dabble in the paranormal then be prepared for anything that results. It may not happen immediately and you may feel safe but you are inviting forces into your life, opening the door to whatever is out there to walk right in and take over. Do you really want that?

Answer #3

ouija boards are very dangerous and they are very real I recommend not messing with it but if your curious then check it out if you want.

Answer #4

I bought one from spencers awhile ago because I had seen a ghost in my old house. two friends and I asked it a bunch of questions and it never moved except when we asked what its name was…it slowy but surely spelled out the name timothy. my one friend and I were skeptical at first because we know we didnt move it and the other chick swore she didnt either but her dads name is tim so we werent for sure. we never told anyone about that or the name or anything. then like a week later I played it with my sister and two of my guys…none of them were aware of anything and I know I didnt move it…but once again it spelled out the name timothy. I was cinvinced then let me tell you lol nothing bad has happened to me or any of my friends or family since then…but I am for sure a believer in the paranormal. I have seen and heard so many things that are unexplainable

Answer #5

Might not sound like much, but me and a friend had one (one of those big, heavy old fashioned wooden ones - it was an antique). we were just mucking around on it, but then we both placed our hands on the spinner and it gave us a giant electric shock. like, not just friction. an actual pulsating electric shock. (remember what I said. WOODEN BOARD.) we kind of freaked, and then the lights in the house all just blew. might of been a coincidence, but im not too sure.

Answer #6

Straight up? I wouldnt mess with that stuff. This isnt fake its true, a few friends of mine decided to play with one, I said no(im hella scared of that stuff, plus im Christian so thats a no no) Well they just asked it a bunch of retarded questions, and they asked if anyone in the group would die soon, it said no. After they had frequent nightmares and felt paranoid/scared a lot. But the scary thong was a few weeks later my friend NIck’s (guy who asked the questions) brother was found dead in his car. Autopsy and an investigation after they couldnt find a reason why he died, no wounds, drugs, perfectly healthy(training for the military). You want to know more just google it, plenty of people have had a shitty life after playing with one, others have been fine, so maybe you’ll be fine maybe you wont I don’t know, ill never play with one though lol.

Answer #7

I’m pretty sure it’s just for people who are into the spiritual stuff. surely some game-like board wouldn’t make demons stalk you afterwards or whatever they are rumoured to do. if someone close to you dies it’s probably just fate and they were bound to die from one reason or another. I personally have never used one, but I’m curious to know what they are all about

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