When is your Country's National Day?

Today, February 6th, is Waitangi Day, the National Day of my country, New Zealand. This day is the national day because it was the date in 1840 when the native people (the Maori) signed the Treaty of Waitangi with the British, giving permission for the British to start colonizing New Zealand. Which has got me curious about national day’s of other countries, and why they celebrate it on that day.

When is the national day of your Country, and what is the reason for it being on the date it is?

Answer #1

Brits out

Answer #2

july 4th in the u.s., not the actual independence day, but that’s wut it’s called and that’s the day it’s celebrated. no school, most work places closed, and lots and lots of fireworks!=)

Answer #3

Happy National Day, 2nd of December the national day of the UAE because all seven Emirates came together and be one country called United Arab Emirates.

Answer #4

France - 14th July (Beginning of the Revolution, 1789)) England - 23rd April, St George’s Day - not a big event unless you’re a Scout or Guide, in my experience.

Answer #5

the 4th of july. yeeeaeeeaeaaa, BRITS OUT, BRITS OUT, BRITS OUT

Answer #6

The 25th of January. Cause thats when Captain Cook sailed ashore. XDD

Answer #7

July 4th. It’s the day the Declaration of Independence was signed, declaring the United States independence.

Answer #8

umm…its the fith of february. right? any ways its 7/4/1776?

Answer #9

Mines 17 march: Patricks day!

Answer #10

1st december … romania

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