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Is now the right time for US troops to withdrawl from Iraq and let the ISF fully take over?

Answer #1

Oh darling, my love, Afghanistan is where the fight is right now. It is not fubar, I promise you. It is where you are truly needed at this moment. How do you feel about being redeployed directly to Afghanistan? I’m listening. Hit me up on FunMail if you need ANYTHING. (been deployed to Iraq twice, OIF III and OIF V the fifteen month deployment)

Answer #2

our presence will remain in IRAQ for a long time- on military bases over there, withdrawing from the CITIES is not the same as leaving the country entirely- it is a step in the right direction though- and some of our troops will transition to afghanistan to deal with the taliban and terrorists over there.

Answer #3

Five years ago was the right time. It is long over-due.

Answer #4

Ya thats right about what you said baldwinwolf,For I’ve only been here for a few days now an we just got word that we may not be staying here much longer for something about policy/orders or so forth got messed up an in the next week were going/ be on our way to Afghanistan for thats were we are needed most now but thats just another F.U.B.A.R. way of saying it to an how screwed up some military leaders are lately.

Answer #5

Baldwinwolf, If Obama keeps his word, we will have most troops out of there next year. That is not a long time.

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