Who thinks Britain should change the name "VJ Day" to something that doesn't focus on a single nation for the sake of being politically correct?

Victory over Japan Day is celebrated every year (this being it’s 65th year), but with the world trying to lay aside mistakes of the past and unite, would it not seem like Japan is being repressed by this British commemoration? What do you think?

Answer #1

I’ve never heard of it but yes we should.

Answer #2

I think we need to wait until all of that generation has passed on. My mother will STILL not buy a Japanese car .. LOL.. Despite our efforts to get her to ‘forgive and forget’ there are still many deep seated wounds amongst the older population.. which is a shame. Personally I have no problems with changing it, in fact I think we should forget it completely as a nation and move on… but i guess we will have to wait another 20 years before we can even mention the subject :P

Answer #3

I think there are better names for this day. It’s understandable people still want to remember their history, honor their ancestors, and celebrate victories. Every country celebrates days like this. But it seems strange to single out Japan when it was a world war. Probably best to change the name…

Answer #4

ww2 changed how we live today. no never, i hope my great great grand kids can celebrate it too. if japan didnt want to be oppressed (is that teh right word?) then they shouldnt have gotten involved and butcherd thousands of men, women and children.

Answer #5

I’m not sure it should be changed as it’s a matter of historical record, and as much as we would like to, we can’t alter history. It is generally observed with respect and dignity. Also I don’t think it’s a case of Japan being singled out as it does commemorate Japans surrender, which happend after Germany had already done so, marked by VE Day.

The two events are treated seperately, although after Germanys surrender, it was only a matter of time before Japan followed. I

Answer #6

Did you know in the papers, theyre calling it a ‘celebration’ a bit dis-tasteful dont ya think.

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