Did you know that yesterday was National Coffee Day?

Nobody told me, and I totally had a prime quality flavoured coffee sample sitting in my cupboard for just such an occasion.

Answer #1

Yeah, I heard someone mention it next to me in my Medieval history class. I was drinking a latte at the time, I guess that’s something.

Answer #2

I didn’t know but I celebrated it none the less with copious amounts of the hot black elixir.

Flavored coffee? latte? blah! good coffee doesn’t need anything.

I’m a purist, coffee should be hot, strong, and black.

Answer #3

I didn’t, until I saw it as a TT on Twitter haha.

Answer #4

Yes, I heard about that. Still forgot to stop and get a cup. =/

Answer #5

Didn’t know but ironically I had two cups when I woke up instead of the usual one. Felt like I needed it.

Answer #6

I didn’t know but I had some Iced Coffee yesterday. Does that count?

Answer #7

When you are a research slave in a university, everyday is national coffee day!

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