Why does our nation's people not see what the Illuminati is doing to our country?

We will not have the right to do anything in our nation soon enough if we do not say anything.

Answer #1

I think people are to dull to notice and afraid to say anything. I am not afraid to, but rather i’ve basically accepted that we will go downhill from here. We are waiting for change, but it is a fantasy that will never come true, unless we all start doing something. Until then, I lye at night and pray.

Answer #2

and hopefully Weishaupt will pay for what he created.

Answer #3

Because our nation is filled with stubborn people that let contriversal myths and conspiricies get to them and have learned to ignore them… like drew said.. were only going downhill.. and we just have to accept it and know that there WILL be a revolt.. if you relate what the illuminati is doing to revelations in the bible, it all makes sense.. thats why i think that the bible infers that the government that takes over man, is satan.. but i wouldnt speak publicly about this… so be carefull

Answer #4

btw, we cant say anything… the only thing we as the people have against the government, is, ourselves.. the resistance… we have no idea what the government has been working on in area 51 all these years… maybe something planning for mass genocide… no one knows… so saying something wont help.. look up Denver airport conspiracy… more people should learn about that

Answer #5

Do you think Lady Gaga is in the Illuminati? Because I do and people think I am nuts….

Answer #6

u aren’t nuts, i thinks the same too!

Answer #7

What exactly are “they” doing if I may ask?

Answer #8


Answer #9

Why do you think she is a part of it?

Answer #10

Yeah she is Lady Gaga is a sexual puppet that belongs to the Illuminati. The Illuminati poisons our minds with all sorts of things and they will poison our loved ones, they will even poison our future offspring. The Illuminati’s main use of brainwashing is through the stuff we enjoy doing like playing video games, listening to music, watching movies etc.

Answer #11

I have looked tons of information up on Area 51 and in the movies we have been watching these days it kind of gives you an idea of what they are really up to in there. And the Bible is talking about them throughout the books in the New Testament. We can talk about it all we want because we have the Freedom of Expression and the Freedom of Speech.

Answer #12

The Illuminati plan to complete one task and one task only and that is by dominating the world and making one world religion.

Answer #13

of course we have freedom of expression and speech.. but… the government doesnt care.. there gonna do what they want and no ones gonna say anything about it.. according to them

Answer #14

I thought the illuminati was just a group of “free thinkers” that did not particularly subscribe to a religious sect. Where are you basing your information?

Answer #15

Why even make the stupid Constitution if they are not even going to go by it? What is the whole point of making the Bill of Rights also? They made it and everything now they are saying it means nothing to them.

Answer #16

The Holy Bible speaks of them and they have been recognized ever since the creation of our government systems when George Washington was around. George Washington was a Freemason there are pictures of Washington wearing Mason regalia. If you take the Holy Bible and decipher the verses they will tell you so much.

Answer #17

simple… to trick the people.. besides the constitution was WAY back then… free masonry wasnt bad.. the illuminati werent doing anything until the cardinals started to kill them for not believing in the catholic religion.. that pissied the illumnatists off… not the whole government is run by the illuminati…

Answer #18

NOT WHAT THR DOIN DOWN HERE im interested in its up thr that has me scratchin noggin

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