When is the best time for baby number 2?

Hi there, I am a mother to a 17month old boy and my partner and I are wanting baby number 2. But I do not know how much of an age gap to give them as we want them to grow up as friends not just siblings. Thanks heaps.

Answer #1

I say about the time our first kid is in school

Answer #2

I think the age gap should be like 3-4 years because theres 13 months between me and my sister, and most of the time we fight, so you dont really want them fighting x

Answer #3

You’re partner is possibly cheating on you, you obviously have relationship problems. WHY ON earth are you thinking of having another baby?

Answer #4

If I was you I would have another child .I got a 14mths old and myself and my hubby are talking about number 2 and we are going to try again. because we want our kids to be close in age.

Answer #5

I dont think you should be thinking about having another baby right now anyways cause a few hours after you posted this question you posted a question asking if your boyfriend was cheating on you and if you should marry him. I think you should wait on the marriage and wait on having another baby til you get things figured out.

Answer #6

wait until you have terrible twos under your belt before you even think of getting knocked up again hun! I thought I wanted another when my son was that age, but now that he is over 2, I can wait! plus researchers say that 2 years apart is baby smart! its also better on your body, you still fluctuate even this long after having your child. make sure its something you want and can afford! double up on diapers, clothes, think really long and hard before you jump! :)

Answer #7

you should make them two school years apart

Answer #8

Well usallly about 3 years is a good time

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