What is the best remedy for a teething baby?

What is the best remedy for a teething baby? A friend of mine is having trouble sleeping due to a very active and screaming baby boy that is starting to grow in his teeth. I told him to buy one of those rings with the water in them that you can chill.

Answer #1

I use baby orajel to numb his gums but that only last a little while so I give him a little bit of motrin if the pain is really bad… I normally give the motrin about an hour before bed.

Answer #2

the cold does help as funguy said but sometimes things like a carrot or celery are good and cold

Answer #3

The rings with water chilled is a good idea, but usually the baby can only really use it in the day time while awake. There are anaesthetic gels specially formulated for babies who are teething like Bonjela for example …just ask your Pharmacist or at the counter at the drug store. Liquid paracetamol for babies also eases the pain and reduces a fever if the child has one.

Answer #4

I dont know why, but teething tablets work wonders…the are inexpensive, and they are almost like baby crack! put three or four tablets in the baby’s mouth, and they automatically shut up and usually dont have problems for a few hours…they work for adults too…they disolve as soon as they are wet.

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