When to try for baby no#2?

Hi..I have a 2 year old girl And me and my hubby are talking about a nother bub but not sure if I should wait till she is 3 as with my 1st pregnancy I was very sick had 9 months of alll day sickness and a lil scared if it’s all going to hapn again , I know they say every pregnancy if diff but knowing my luck lol .. Did an1 else had morning/ all day sickness with 2nd pregnancy and if so how did you deal with it ??much thank’s

Answer #1


Terrible twos, and morning sickness are not going to get along very well. A two year old is a handful and it’s not going to be easy when you are sick all the time. Although, they would end up being around 3 years apart which really is a good age difference when having children. They wouldn’t be too far apart and they wouldn’t be too close together so it would make it a little bit easier and your two year old will love helping you out with the baby (or atleast trying too).

I’ve known a lot of women who had morning sickness with their first and none with their second, I’ve also seen it the other way around. Every pregnancy is different and it’s hard to say.

Answer #2

I too was VERY sick with my first pregnancy I had hyperemesis gravidarum for 9 months I had to have a pic line(permanent I’ve in my arm) for the whole pregnancy and was in the ER every other day because I couldn’t eat anything or drink so they gave me a feeding tube. Luckily healthy baby boy, I’m now 34 weeks pregnant with my second baby and just had normal morning sickness for 3 months and haven’t been sick since. My kids will be I think 21 months apart I got pregnant 2 days after my sons 1st birthday! (my sister in law and sister had theirs the same distance apart and said it’s been pretty easy because the older one helps a lot and they play really well together especially the little girl she thinks she’s a little mommy and wants to help all the time) I guess it depends on you and your patience level if you feel it’s time then maybe it is maybe there is a little girl or boy up there nudging you that their ready to come!

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