When I exersice a lot my back, chest, stomach, and sides hurt?

When I exercise a lot, like a lot of running, my back sides chest and stomach start to hurt really bad. This happens in gym class and at volleyball practice. I am a 13 year old girl and in pretty good shape. I dont know whats wrong. I think it might be asthma? What should I do? It gets really hard to breathe and it hurts to breathe too. I dont know what to do. Im not really fond of doctors because my friends little sister got sick and they just told her to sleep and drink fluids and she ended up dying 3 days later. So im a little freaked out. What should I do? Thanks for the answers!

Answer #1

Drink plenty of water when you exercise. That may help on your breathing when you exercise.

Answer #2

Sounds normal to me. Running and the sports you are describing exercises your whole body, including your back, stomach etc. Remember to give your body a proper break in between exercise sessions so that it can recover properly.

Answer #3

Hun there is nothing wrong with you, you just need to give your body a break once in a while, and the symptoms should go away you need to pace yourself and keep up your pretein intake like bananas and stuff.

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Answer #5

Maybe You Exercise To Much Give Yourself A Breck Maybe

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